15 Apr The World Needs More Creative Catalysts

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a creative type with good instincts. And I’ve been a doer, someone able to spot opportunities and figure out how to make something positive happen. I may even be hardwired for catalytic work because change-making seems to be a family trait.

Here’s a story that’s a good example of what I mean.

At a troop meeting back when I was a Brownie Girl Scout, our leaders seemed – even to my little-kid brain – uncertain what to do with the rowdy group of second graders. So I jumped into action. I suggested a skit and in no time had my troop mates organized with characters, assigned roles and rehearsed lines. It was perhaps the first expression of what would become my life’s passion – bringing positive energy to situations and getting groups moving toward a common goal that maximizes the best they have to offer.

This kind of activation is what Creative Catalysts is all about.

Our Brand is Creative, Energized Change-Making

After seventeen years of work with 140+ organizations, it feels like the right time to officially put my brand of creative and energized change-making out in the world.

The new Creative Catalysts brand embodies all three of my passions:

  • Generating FRESH ideas, thinking and approaches for learning, planning and change.
  • Using VISUAL processes to bring about clarity and commitment.
  • Facilitating VITAL work from shaping vision and direction to bring about deep change.

If I’ve learned anything in my 25+ years as a creative change-maker, it’s that organizations and situations change when we can see them differently. The Catalyst brand promises to do catalytic work that’s fresh, visual and vital.


Question of the Day:

What is calling for inspiration, disruption or invigoration in your life, organization or community?

A Batiste

Amy is a Minneapolis-based facilitator and visual practitioner specializing in strategic visioning, learning, planning, coaching and communications. Known for her unique ability to blend strategic and visual approaches to learning design, planning and facilitation, Amy leads client engagements from an appreciative point of view and with a strong knowledge base and training in design thinking, visual communications, organization development, diversity and inclusion, and strategic learning practices.

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